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Banana or Blue Yucca, Datil
Banana or Blue Yucca, Datil

Common name:Banana or Blue Yucca, Datil
Botanical name:Yucca baccata

This clump-forming Yucca grows 4 to 6 feet tall (up to 8 feet when in flower) and 10 feet wide. Clumps will typically have 5 to 20 rosettes, although rare specimens can have as many as 70. Fruit is edible and banana shaped, 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Flower spikes are often partially enclosed in the leaves from March to April. Leaves are stiff, bluish green, 1 to 2 inches wide and 2 feet long; they are u-shaped and have white threads along the margins. Evergreen.


Red Butte Botanical Garden 1

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Water Saving Tip:

Apply a layer of mulch around plants to reduce moisture loss.

Choose organic mulches, such as shredded bark, compost or aged sawdust.